Parker On Stage


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Starring Parker Stevenson

"Ring Round the Moon"
at The Studio Theatre Playhouse

Ring Round the Moon

Parker played twin brothers in this comedy by French playwright Jean Anouilh. The LA Times reviewer wrote: "Parker Stevenson plays twin brothers - one diffident and gentle, the other cynical and brash - with engaging assurance and infectious aplomb. . . . In 1975, Michael York and Glynis Johns were partnered in a strong Ahmanson production of 'Ring Round the Moon.' The current edition is in that league."

Drama-Logue wrote: "In Ring Round the Moon the contrasts between Frederic and his ten-minute older brother Hugo are a tour de force of timing and characterization. And the differences don't come from the wardrobe or prop departments. They come from Stevenson himself."

Parker also appeared onstage in "Answers" at the Burt Reynolds Theatre in Florida. His co-stars were Kirstie Alley, Charlton Heston, Stockard Channing, and Charles Durning. If anyone has any reviews, photos, or stories about this production, please let me know!