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Starring Parker Stevenson

May 23, 2004
Finally finished entering the "A Separate Peace" interview.

December 19, 2003
A Separate Peace Interview - Added a few more paragraphs (more to come)
HB Season 1 - Added one screen capture
HB Season 3 - Added two screen captures
Mini-Series - Added a link to another North & South Gallery on Cheryl's Site

December 18, 2003
Homepage - Updated greeting
                  Added episode name to Batman Beyond listing
                  Added "Hotel: Confrontations" to performance listings
Early TV - Posted a reader review of "To Ride a Yellow Horse"
                Posted 2 screen captures from "Yellow Horse"
New Page: Merry Christmas!  (A lovely pin-up from Silvia in Germany.)
HB Season 1 - Added Quote from Arlene Sidaris on "Wipe Out"
HB Season 3 - Added Quote from Arlene Sidaris on Season 3 Changes

July 12, 2003
Home Page - Had to change hit counter due to changes in Bravenet's structure.
                    Added "Terror Peak" to Filmography.
Mini-Series - Added photo from Silvia to "North and South"
1990's TV Movies - Added wallpaper image from Silvia to AYLT.
Wallpaper - Added two more wallpapers from Silvia.
1999 and Beyond - Added screen shot of Parker on E!
Candids - Added photo

July 9, 2003
Thanks to Silvia for donating several great photos!
Updates: Deleted old updates
Baywatch: Added photo
Mini-series: Added North & South photo
New Page: Wallpaper

July 5-6, 2003
Home Pagbe - Added photo, updated message
1970's Movies - Added photos and quiz question
Hardy Boys Season 1 -  Added photos & sound
Hardy Boys Season 2 - Added photos
1980's TV - Added photos
1980's Movies - Added "Parker at the Racetrack" section
Probe - Added photo
Mini-Series - Added photos
Favorite Photos - Added photo
More Photos - Added photo
Links - Deleted dead "TJ Hooker Lost Episodes" Link
New Pages - Candids & Baywatch

October 4, 2002
Links Page - Added link to "TJ Hooker: Lost Episodes" site in which Parker is
                         fantasy cast as a guest star.
Update Page - Added photo at bottom of page.

October 3, 2002
1970's Films - Added Press Photo Clip-down to "Our Time"
Hardy Boys Season 3 - Added screen shot from "Life on the Line"
1980's Films - Added press kit photos from "Stitches"
Parker Quotes - Moved Motorcycle Photo from "More Favorites" to this page,
      since it appeared with his Playgirl interview
More Photos - Added two new photos at bottom of page
Favorite Photos - Moved some photos between "More" and "Favorite" pages

September 18, 2002
1980's TV -  New Press Photo from "Falcon Crest"

Always More To Come!