TV Movies: The 1980's


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Some of Parker's Best Performances Have Been in Made for TV Movies

Starring Parker Stevenson

Gary and Sheila

This House Possessed (1981)

After "The Hardy Boys" was cancelled, Parker claimed he wanted to distance himself from his teenage-sleuth/teen idol image - but this project didn't further that goal. He plays Gary Straighthorn, a singer who finds himself living in a haunted house with a nurse played by Lisa Eilbacher (Callie Shaw from "The Hardy Boys").

Gary has been working too hard - playing so many gigs he hasn't been able to rest or write songs. One night during a concert at a club, he collapses and is taken to the hospital where he is attended by a nurse named Sheila (Eilbacher). His doctor orders him to take a vacation. Gary, under protest, hires Sheila to go with him and give him therapeutic massages to keep his headaches at bay. Because Gary doesn't own a home, they drive until they find a town they like, visit a realtor, and are shown a magnificent house. They both like it so much that Gary buys it on the spot. It's already furnished, so they move right in. Time passes. Gary and Sheila start to fall in love, but Gary discovers that the house considers him a rival for Sheila's affections.

Parker Sings!

Parker performs three songs as Gary: "Believin' in You," "Sensitive You're Not" and "You Played Me Like a Song." He has a nice voice, but he needed a better lyricist, and he's not particularly convincing when he starts to "rock out" on "Sensitive." But he has a nice screen presence, and is particularly enjoyable in his quiet moments with Eilbacher.

New! Sound Files!

Click on the links below to hear Parker speak - and sing!

Parker singing.

Sensitive You're Not

In the hospital, Gary lies to Sheila about his nightmare.


Gary reflects ruefully on his relationship with the beautiful and pushy Tanya.

Bed Rest

Gary performs for Tanya what he's told Sheila is "our song."

You Played Me Like A Song

Gary's response to Sheila telling him she's an amnesiac.

Who You Are Now

The Cover Girl and the Cop (aka "Beauty and Denise")

Beauty and Denise

Thanks to Suzanne, owner of the "Tribute to Probe" website, for the following info: "I saw and taped this movie only because I heard it had Parker in it. In fact, I still have it! Unfortunately, Parker had something like 5 minutes of screen time, if that. He played a wealthy man who was attracted to the tomboyish cop, played by Dinah Manoff. Other than that, it was a standard two people from opposite worlds becoming friends and finding a side of themselves they never knew existed, yadda yadda. I would put it in the 'Only if you must' category. The movie itself isn't that bad, but his screen time is so small."