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There Aren't Many Sites With Great Parker Content, But Here Are A Few Worth Checking Out

Starring Parker Stevenson

Cheryl created the very first website dedicated exclusively to Parker. She inspired my own site - but we've agreed to keep our content as different as possible. She's got wonderful photo galleries with many more pin-up photos.

Have you ever wondered what Parker would look like dressed as a primitive Celtic warrior? Wonder no more! Bee and Lisa have created a "Parker Drool Page" - and their central Drool page shows Parker, Mel Gibson and Heath Ledger all looking as if they'd just stepped out of "Braveheart"! Visit their site for some great pics with tongue-in-cheek captions.

The "Boys in Peril" site is an extremely irreverent look at many Hardy Boys episodes. Three cheers to Morgan for deliberately resisting the Shaun-o-centric attitude of so much Hardy Boys material!

This "Probe" fan site has lots of photos and quotations from Parker's regrettably short-lived series.

"The Frank and Joe Hardy Club" is a Yahoo club dedicated to - what else? - chatting about the "Hardy Boys" television series, Parker, Shaun and their other projects. Drop by for discussions of "Hardy Boys" episodes, news about Parker and Shaun, and lots of laughs.

"Lost in the Past" is a great 70's teen idol fan site. The first link will take you directly to the first page of Parker pics, the second to the Hardy Boys section. Thanks to Joe for generously offering to share his images!

Looking for a great source of rarely-seen celebrity photos? Check out PhotoWorld! (Who kindly gave permission for me to reproduce several great images here.) Tell them you saw their link on the "Starring Parker Stevenson" site!

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