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My Ratings and Recommendations

This is a completely subjective guide to the "Parker Enjoyment Factor" of his various projects. These ratings don't necessarily reflect the overall quality of the film or series, just my experience of watching Parker's character and his performance in a particular role.

See something in the filmography that's not listed here? I'm probably waiting to view it again to refresh my memory before I make a recommendation.

Starring Parker Stevenson

Parker At His Best

The Hardy Boys
Falcon Crest
All the Rivers Run II

Because You Want to Watch Parker

A Separate Peace
Caddie Woodlawn
Murder She Wrote
The Shadow of a Stranger 
Mission Impossible: The Haunting
The Streets of San Francisco: The Drop

Only If You Must

Not of This Earth
The Cover Girl and the Cop

Excellent Parker Performances

Official Denial
Are You Lonesome Tonight
The Rose Cafe
Alfred Hitchcock Presents: The Method Actor
North & South, Book II
Our Time
Shooting Stars
This House Possessed

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