TV Movies: The 1990's


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Parker Took On Romance, Suspense and Science Fiction in the '90s

Starring Parker Stevenson

With Jane Seymour

Are You Lonesome Tonight?  (1992)

In this mystery-thriller, Parker plays Matt, a private detective who comes to the aid of Adrienne Welles (Jane Seymour) when the police don't take seriously her report that her husband has disappeared. Adrienne's investigation of her husband's home office turns up a drawer full of taped phone-sex conversations, recording from his answering machine with a woman named Laura - including his last conversation, which ends in his shout of fear and a gunshot.
The role of detective is a familiar one for Parker - but Matt is a lot less clean-cut than Frank Hardy. He's something of a wise-guy at first, and is less than sensitive to Adrienne's disclosure of the tapes. But his rough exterior makes things more interesting when some question arises about whether he's more interested in helping Adrienne or getting involved with the sexy Laura.

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Are You Lonesome Tonight Wallpaper

Are You Lonesome Tonight

As Matt, Parker plays a knight whose
armor is a bit rusty, but who still risks
his life to defend his damsel.

Are You Lonesome Tonight Video Cover

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 The Shadow of a Stranger

With Emma Samms

In this thriller, Parker plays Ted Clinton, a lawyer who goes on vacation with his wife Sarah (Emma Samms) hoping to recapture the magic of their marriage. Ted's law firm is facing a serious inquiry about forged contracts, but he is resolved to ignore the problem over the Fourth of July weekend. But the couple's idyllic retreat is shattered when a storm disables a yacht offshore from their beach house. They rescue the occupants - a law professor and her student - and offer to let them stay until they can find a hotel. But Sarah soon begins to suspect that all is not as it seems, and the couple find themselves in an increasingly dangerous entanglement with their mysterious visitors. Parker does a good job with a role which isn't as straight-forward as it first appears. He's very charming and attractive as Ted in the beginning of the movie, and as the character begins to spin out of control he does a nice job of portraying the cracks that start to appear in his handsome facade.

With Joan Chen

With Joan Chen as Vanessa

Sound File: Ted arrives to pick up his wife, a fashion model, at her photoshoot.


Official Denial (1994)

Official Denial Video Box

In this science fiction adventure, Parker plays Paul Corliss, a man who has been abducted by aliens. He is obsessed by the experience, but gets no sympathy from his wife (Erin Gray) who believes he's having a breakdown. Unbeknownst to Paul, however, the government does believe him, and has him under surveillance. When the alien spaceship returns to kidnap Paul again, there are witnesses.
But things aren't all as they appear. After Paul is again returned home, he ends up being kidnapped again: this time by the government, who wants him to communicate with a captive alien, whom he comes to call DOS. Together, Paul and DOS escape and are pursued by a paranoid army officer (Dirk Benedict).
This is a quirky story with an unusual twist on the alien abduction theme. Parker gives a nice performance, although he looks a little strange bald. (He shaves his head in order to mimic DOS's appearance, hoping to make the alien feel more comfortable with him.) The script isn't of exceptional quality, but it does have a few surprises, and both Erin Gray and Dirk Benedict give their all to their supporting roles. 

Official Denial with Erin Gray

Neat Parker Fact:
Erin Gray once referred to Parker as
"The most generous leading man I've ever worked with."

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Paul and DOS

Pose with DOS

Legion (1998)

Legion Video Cover

This science fiction thriller is based on a classic premise: a group of strangers are brought together in an isolated environment, then begin to disappear one by one. In this case, the strangers are a group of military personnel sentenced to death for a variety of crimes, put under the command of the hard-nosed Major Doyle (Terry Farrell), who has a chip on her shoulder because of a past failure. Their mission is to neutralize an enemy stronghold. But when they arrive, they find the base is deserted. A short time later, one of them is brutally murdered. Who is the killer? One of the violent criminals in the unit, or some mysterious life form that doesn't register on their sensors?
Parker plays Captain Aldritch, who was sentenced to death for disobeying a direct order when he believed it would needlessly sacrifice his men. He is the first to glimpse the real truth of the mission, and is in a constant struggle with Major Doyle. He looks thin and haggard - but is convincing as a man of action and thought.

Sound File: During the mission briefing, Doyle and Aldritch try unsuccessfully to teach each other a lesson.


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Parker under arrest and placed in the
custody of Rick Springfield.