The Hardy Boys - Season 1


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Old Stories
New Heartthrobs

Frank and Joe

Starring Parker Stevenson

The first season of The Hardy Boys remained fairly faithful to the setting and spirit of the books. Frank and Joe made references to being in school, and were often assisted by their friends Callie and Chet. Except for a trip to Hawaii, they kept fairly close to home.

Season 1 Episodes

(Check back later for plot summaries and my "Favorite Frank Moments.")

The Mystery of the Haunted House

First Hardy Boys Dialogue

Sneaking Around

The Mystery of Witches Hollow

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The Disappearing Floor

The Flickering Torch Mystery

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The Mystery of the Flying Courier

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Wipe Out

Series co-creator and producer Arlene Sidaris told The Bayport Gazette that this episode saved the series early on: "The first story Joyce and I wrote was Wipe Out. The show was filmed partly in Hawaii and had a subtle romantic note. It aired during sweeps. We learned that the show had been off the schedule [of shows] but when the ratings came in, the show was renewed. Joyce [Brotman, her co-creator] and I were very proud of that."

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The Secret of the Jade Kwan Yin

While snorkeling with Joe, Frank is hit by a wooden box which has been thrown off a boat. Inside the box is a jade statue of the goddess Kwan Yin. During the investigation, they discover that the statue was stolen. They hurry home to get the statue for its owner, only to find out that now it's been stolen from them.

This is one of my favorite episodes. Parker and Shaun (and the writers) have settled into the characters, and the story has a great balance of mystery, danger and humor. One of the best features of the series as a whole is the relationship between the brothers: sometimes teasing, always affectionate. This episode has one of their best scenes as brothers. After Frank and Joe have been chewed out by Chief Collig for not immediately reporting finding the statue, now lost again, they return home. Frank is extremely upset at himself, and Joe tries to talk him out of it saying "We'll take that responsibility and we'll do something about it. . . Where you go, I will follow." Frank smiles gratefully. "That's a pretty dangerous precedent." "I'll take my chances," Joe replies.

Sound File
A classic exchange between Joe and Frank.

You are Older

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The Jade Kwan Yin

Publicity Shot from "The Mystery of the Jade Kwan Yin"

Season One Cast

The Hardy Boys Season One Cast
Lisa Eilbacher as Callie Shaw, Edmund Gilbert as Fenton Hardy, Edith Atwater as Aunt Gertrude, Shaun and Parker

Early Publicity Photo

An Early Publicity Photo
Not Exactly at Their Most Glamorous

The Haunted House

Frank and Joe about to meet the host of "The Haunted House."

 from "Witches Hollow"

From "Witches Hollow"

Phone Call to Fenton

Frank and Joe check in with their father in "Witches Hollow."

Studying a Clue

Frank studies a clue drawn by a mute boy in "Witches Hollow."

Discussing Fingerprints

Frank and Joe discuss fingerprints in "The Flickering Torch Mystery."

Listening to Tony

Listening to Tony Bird rehearse in "Flickering Torch."

Taking Orders in "Wipeout"

Frank, undercover to crack a hotel burglary ring, takes orders from the group's ringleader.

Roughed Up.gif

Frank gets roughed up in "Wipe Out."

First Glimpse of the Jade Kwan Yin

Frank gets his first look at the Jade Kwan Yin.


Photo from TV Guide Cover

This is a digital photograph of one of my true Parker treaures: an Eastman Dye Transfer Print, dated November 5 1977, of the portrait used by TV Guide for their Hardy Boys cover. The matted image measures 11"x14" and hangs on the wall of my home office. I bought it unframed from an antique and memorabilia dealer for $200.